Terms & Conditions

1. Payment must accompany the article, a report cannot be prepared until payment is made.

2. If an article is received by DCAS and then the commission is cancelled, a £15.00 handling/postage fee will be deducted/required before the item can be returned.

3. As previously stated, we do not accept wedding dresses or rugs/carpets. If these items are submitted then they will be returned unexamined and a handling/postage fee of up to £30 will be charged (fee dependant on the size/weight of the article).

4. If the value of the article is not stated then it may be under insured for return (against loss/damage), in such circumstances DCAS will not entertain any subsequent claim for further compensation.

5. In the event of a claim for loss/damage, proof of the market value of the item will be required (in line with Royal Mail terms). In the absence of such proof compensation may not be paid. Also, the maximum level of compensation is £2500.00, irrespective of market/stated value.

Use of the DCAS Fault Analysis Service constitutes acceptance of the above