For your further guidance we list some of the questions we are most frequently asked

Q - Will the report specify who is responsible for the fault?

A - All DCAS reports include a paragraph titled "Conclusions/Responsibility" and in this section we detail our conclusions before giving an opinion on the matter. The final part of the paragraph will state where the responsibility for the fault lies.

Q - What should I do with the report when I receive it?

A - If the report states that the cleaning company is at fault then send them a copy and ask for their comments. If the item is considered to be faulty then it should be returned to the retailer with a copy of the report for their comments. At this stage the majority of disputes are resolved i.e. the responsible party compensates you for the loss and also reimburses the cost of the report.

Q - Are DCAS reports impartial?

A - It is important that our fault analysis service is recognised as being impartial. To this end DCAS accepts commissions for reports from drycleaners, members of the public, clothing/textile manufacturers, launderers, clothing/textile retailers etc. Also, it should be noted that DCAS is completely independent, we are not affiliated to any other body or organisation.

Q- How do your fees compare with other testing houses?

A - At DCAS we constantly strive to keep our costs to a minimum. The result is that DCAS fees are well below the UK average. Also, there are no hidden extras, the fees quoted are fully inclusive.

Q - How long will I have to wait for a report?

A - We will post out a report within 7 working days of receipt of the article/completed forms/fee. We are able to provide this speed of service because our sole area of activity on a day-to-day basis is fault analysis, we have no other distractions and can therefore concentrate fully on your current concern!

Q - What types of fibres are suitable for analysis?

A - We will attempt to identify the fault on any article submitted. common fibres and faults