How we can help

Unfortunately, drycleaning disputes cannot always be resolved by the parties concerned and consequently become deadlocked, resulting in a huge amount of wasted time and stress! If deadlock is reached then a qualified DCAS analysis expert can assist by seeking to determine the cause of the damage and assigning responsibility for the item's failure, thereby helping to bring the matter to a speedy conclusion. The expert will examine the complaint item and then compile a formally structured, signed report which will:-

  • State what has happened
  • Detail the analysis process
  • Give the expert's conclusion/opinion
  • Assign responsibility for the fault
  • Include examiner's comments explaining how the opinion was reached
  • Offer remedial advice where appropriate

If you are the owner of a complaint article then please note that the staff at DCAS are very aware that you might not have used a fault analysis service before and consequently may be slightly apprehensive. We are also aware that the article is personal to you and therefore precious, but please be assured that we have been at the forefront of this specialised field for many years and your item will not be damaged in any way during examination. We promise to provide you with a qualitative report without delay and the article will be carefully packaged and insured against loss or damage before it is posted back to you.

We hope that your complaint will be quickly resolved, if you require any further guidance on this subject then you are welcome to contact us on 01423 560436.
Thank you.

If you wish to proceed with your complaint and commission a DCAS report, then please visit the report page and print and return the appropriate complaint form.